Real Asset strategies


Tanka Group offers clients a range of alternative, products, investment strategies, falling into two divisions.
We have defined a disciplined approach for each of the strategies within our two divisions – Real Assets and bio product development.
Real assets is backed by real underlying assets including Real Estate, Sustainable Infrastructure and Forestry, New Energy.

Forestry investment with Tanka Group


Commercial forestry is a sustainable real asset that diversifies an investment portfolio, providing exposure to potential increases in both the price of timber and the underlying land forestry.

Our team has been managing commercial forestry assets on behalf of endowments and private investors for over 10 years.

Our Forestry team is focused on the management and delivery of long term, sustainable timber production. However, there is recognition that both forest development and timber production can and should be done in an even more sustainable and environmentally sympathetic manner – and that forests and tree planting can make a significant contribution to global net zero carbon and biodiversity targets. This means that forest management will change.

In line with Tanka Group’s ESG commitments, this is done in a sustainable manner, making forestry a green investment. In certain markets we specifically grow forests for the purpose of carbon sequestration.

How can I invest in Forestry?

Forestry has proven an attractive alternative asset for long-term investors, as it provides the opportunity to benefit from the value of a naturally growing commodity and the security of ownership of the underlying land.

This allows for :

  • An income stream from timber harvested from the forest
  • Long-term capital appreciation in a sustainable and tax-efficient* manner
  • Inflation protection
  • Reduced volatility

We provide expert advice on the acquisition of forests to investors who instruct us to act on their behalf.

Our forestry team acts for the purchaser, negotiating the purchase and closing the transaction. We provide investors with detailed reporting and recommended woodland management.

Renewable Energy with Tanka Group

We focus on sustainable, transformative technologies that we believe offer the potential for strong financial returns, while supporting the transition to a more sustainable world.

This includes investment into battery energy storage, ground and roof-mounted solar and onshore wind.

As the country moves from relying on fossil fuels towards an energy mix dominated by renewable energy and supported by battery energy storage, we believe that energy demand should be increased (trouver le chiffre).

Our research suggests that this backdrop presents an exciting 200$bn investment opportunity.

Our investments support the move to decarbonise electricity.

Battery energy storage

In tandem with the growing penetration of renewables, we expect to see a significant increase in demand and need for battery energy storage.


Solar assets are the most established renewable energy technology in Europe, based on capacity installed. Technical innovation has made solar amongst the cheapest forms of renewable generation, meaning that new projects can be economically attractive.

How to invest in New Energy?

Investors can access investment opportunities through Listed vehicles, Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes (or co-investment).

Sustainable Infrastructure with Tanka Group

At tanka Group, we scale infrastructure assets that are good for clients because they are good for people and the planet.

We believe that significant investment is needed in new sustainable infrastructure to address the key environmental and societal challenges that the world faces.

To target it, we have to get a multi-faceted approach, incorporating a range of interlinked solutions, covering everything from ensuring access to the food to how we process our waste.

We strive to target investments that have the potential to deliver the impact through innovative real asset based infrastructure investment across five subsectors.


Resource efficiency

More than a quarter of the world’s population lacks access to safe drinking water. In many countries, the existing water infrastructure provides neither comprehensive sanitation services nor adequate wastewater treatment. With the COVID-19 pandemic still challenging public health services around the world, and regional ecosystems threatened by polluted wastewater, financing the expansion of water infrastructure is more important than ever. Water service improvements are complex and expensive.Tanka Group works with clients in emerging markets to build innovative, market-oriented and long-term solutions to water infrastructure challenges.



By connecting people to services and opportunities, as well as goods to markets, transportation is a key enabler of economic growth. Investing in ports, airports, urban transport, railways, and other transportation infrastructure and services bolsters international trade and develops local markets.

A modernized transport sector also can play an important role in a low-carbon economy.

Innovative transport solutions underpinned by smart, green, and sustainable technologies can increase efficiencies and reduce the sector’s environmental footprint.


Digital connectivity

Digital connectivity is the foundation of a flourishing economy and an informed society. It is essential for the running of e-government and other critical services including education, health and finance. Digital infrastructure is also key to a green and climate-resilient global economy, enabling the development of smart, sustainable cities and energy grids that deliver clean and reliable power, among other components of a low-carbon future. Strengthening digital capacity and connectivity in emerging markets will enable significant progress towards inclusive growth, economic stability, and better quality of life for all.



Metals and minerals underpin the devices, vehicles, and infrastructure that link the world, connect the unconnected, and bridge the digital divide. They are necessary ingredients for a low-carbon future and fundamental to the goal of equitable, inclusive, and sustainable growth.

In many resource-rich developing countries, mining is a major contributor to GDP, creating jobs, and generating revenue for governments. Sustainable mining also offers the opportunity to bring tangible long-term benefits to the people who live in the surrounding communities.



Energy access drives inclusive growth, creates jobs, and strengthens economies. Tanka group helps bridge the development by financing power generation, transmission, and distribution projects. Tanka ’s investment and advisory work takes place across a range of technologies, with an emphasis on low-cost renewable energy.


Why invest in Sustainable Infrastructure?

Investing in Sustainable Infrastructure with Tanka Group offers appealing characteristics to buy-and-hold investors and provides the potential for stable, long-term returns.

Sustainable Infrastructure investments can benefit from:

  • Material positive social and environmental impact
  • The potential for capital growth
  • Returns with a low correlation to the broader economy or financial markets

* Investments selected for illustrative purposes and not investment recommendations.

How to invest in Sustainable Infrastructure?

Investors can access Takan Group ’s Sustainable Infrastructure investment opportunities in three ways : Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes (UCIS), direct investment or co-investment.

We offer local co-investment opportunities with on a deal-by-deal basis.

Real Estate – European and American Residential Investment

Investing directly or through funds in residential, commercial, Hotels, industries and logistics in Germany, other european countries (Italy, Poland, Switzerland) and in the USA.

We are especially experienced in investment on Germany residential real estate market, with the aim of delivering long-term secure income and positive impact.

Our Germany Housing strategy invests for the long term to deliver affordable, high-quality, energy efficient, safe homes with great customer service and long-term stability of tenure for residents.

Our investments aim to provide affordable tenure opportunities alongside sustainable long-term income for investors, whilst encouraging placemaking and community development.

Each of our German residential housing funds offers the potential for stable, secured inflation-linked returns whilst providing social and environmental benefits to our residents, the local community and the wider economy.

Our German housing investment team has a proven 10-year track record in housing, with certain individuals having over 40 years’ experience.

We have expertise across all residential asset classes, including shared ownership, retirement, affordable, social and market rented homes, offering supreme access to opportunities across the sector.

Why invest in German housing?

The Germany has a well-documented shortage of affordable housing, caused by a combination of demographic and immigration trends (more than 84 millions inhabitants in 2022, first time in history) and historic undersupply. This undersupply has been growing dramatically in 2022 and is expected to worsen in 2023 (245 000 new homes VS 400 000 per year needed).

To address this shortage, patient capital is required by a range of housing developers, including volume house builders, small regional developers, housing associations and local authorities.

We seek to meet this demand and therefore accelerate the development of socially, environmentally and economically beneficial new housing. Our commitment to the sector provides the potential for us to make a meaningful contribution to the Germany ’s shortage of affordable, accessible housing.

Our product support our vision to improve communities and deliver homes that create a balanced social impact.

Housing investments benefit from substantial asset-backing and provide investors with the potential for attractive long-term returns, offering :

  • Very interesting Risk / Return ratio in prospect
  • Diversification versus commercial real estate, infrastructure and other traditional asset classes
  • Potential for long term capital appreciation in excess of inflation
  • Low volatility, in many cases, through low market rents
  • A secure and sustainable rental stream from individual residents, diversified by location, property (houses, apartments) and resident type
  • Inflation-linked income
  • Legal and fiscal security
  • An attractive investment in a fiscal point of view

Our investment strategy focus includes affordable housing (shared ownership, affordable and private rented), retirement and temporary accommodation.

How can I invest in Germany Real Estate?

Investors can access Tanka group ’s Germany Housing equity investment opportunities through Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes (UCIS), or via co-investment opportunities.

How can I invest in US Residential market?

We propone rentable investment on the american real estate market.

We offer 2 types of investment:

  1. Our real estate company buys buildings, packages of buildings or houses that we then sell to our investors at cost (plus acquisition fees). We create an LLC company in your name in the United States (registered in Florida) and pay you income quarterly, while we manage the real estate. The properties are owned individually, but the rents are paid into a pool, so that each investor in the same project gets the same return, whether the property is rented or not. Resale through licensed real estate agents in the USA can be done at any time. These are not shares in a fund but individual properties. Only the rents are mutualized in order to reduce and dilute the risk of unpaid rent.
  2. We can offer you individual properties that do not depend on the above scheme: they will be whole buildings or packages of houses for which the rents will not be mutualized. You will then be able to dispose of the rents as you wish, but we will be able, if you so choose, to take care of all the management (possible renovations, renting etc...). The minimum investment in this configuration is about 1 Million USD.

Other services we provide

Property Development management

This includes land acquisition through co-ordination of planning, optioneering, design, legal, financial, technical and commercial aspects to delivery of a completed turnkey building.

We are currently working on projects in the retail and office and residential sectors with a gross development value in excess of €100 million.

Our services include:

  • Site identification to building delivery
    Provide full coordination of the administrative, financial, fiscal, technical and commercial aspects of development projects.
  • Sustainable development
    Ensure your building meets the most stringent environmental standards
  • Forming an expert project
    Work with leading architects and select the most experienced consultants and industry partners.
  • In-house project management
    Manage in-house to ensure the successful completion of all projects, allowing us to closely control costs, quality and the development schedule.
  • Project structuring and delivery
    Work in a wide range of project structures, including joint ventures, development contracts, and as a speculative developer.
  • Immobilien Makler und Darlehen Vermittler (real estate agent and finance broker, licence 34C GewO, registered with the Berlin District Court).
  • Finanzanlagevermittler (§ 34f Abs. 1 Satz 1 GewO). Registration number : D-F-107-LA19-76 (financial products intermediary, open and closed funds, at the Berlin prefecture)
  • Trusteeship authority : IHK Berlin (, Fasanenstr.85, 10623 Berlin ; Tel : +49 30 31510-0
  • Professional insurance at ALLIANZ : Vermögensschadenhaftpflichtversicherung bei der Allianz Versicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft Nr. 10/0450/1025613/150
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